About Me

I developed and taught a sign language to an orphanage of disabled kids in India. Now, I advocate for them, and help other visionnaires tell their stories with web design, writing & marketing.

I am an educator, humanitarian, marketing consultant and writer. A member of the World Federation of the Deaf, I studied Writing & Communications and Sign Language at Maryville College, Journalism at Patrick Henry College, and Visual Gestural Communication at Gallaudet University. In 2009, I composed the music for a television commercial advocating parental rights. In 2013, I developed and taught a home sign language to an orphanage of special needs children in India. After returning home and wrestling with Indian illnesses for three years, I became certified as a health coach to help others be healthy enough to continue their work. I help humanitarians and social entrepreneurs share their vision and story through web design, marketing, and social media. When I’m not traveling with my sixty-liter backpack for consulting or volunteer work, I live in northern Virginia.