Some of you know that I’ve been praying about coming out to India long term. Here it is: I love this place, I see such need, and I am willing to do whatever God wants me to do so that I can help. I’m not totally sure what He wants for me, though. All I […]


I feel like a mess of knowledge, conviction, and desire. I feel like I’m choking on it. Or drowning in it. Or lost in it, like children get lost in a corn maze because it’s all too far over their heads and there are so many ways to turn. I’m not sure I can sort […]

The Answer (“To Learn” continued)

“The school needs a website,” Uncle mentioned among other things. We were looking for ways to get connected to the local deaf school. “Could your dad possibly make them one?” Aunty asked “Maybe…” “I can make them one,” I said. Aunty and Uncle looked at me. “I made a website for the last place I […]

To Teach

I stood in front of a room full deaf children. As of five seconds ago, I was supposed to teach them English. Aunty and I had arrived at the deaf school that morning. The city was warm, but the dark little hallway that led into the school was damp and cool. Aunty had been here […]

See You Tomorrow

“You’re going to Hyderabad. The driver is on his way.” And like that, I evaporated. That’s what it felt like, anyway: Evaporation. Suddenly I found myself leaving things behind in my hurry – my shampoo, my blue jeans, my shikakai. I found myself leaving behind people, what’s more – the teachers I taught, the nannies, […]