5+ Books You Need to Stand Out as an Entrepreneur

5+ Books You Need to Stand Out as an Entrepreneur

We were sitting in a small town coffee shop talking about world travel and world-changing. We hadn’t seen each other for almost year between his travel and mine, and we were swapping stories and rants nonstop. We share a passion for entrepreneurship and marketing, but we specifically care about the kind that helps people, that is significant, that adds value.

While he’s been mentoring and empowering people with network marketing and pursuing his Master’s in nonprofit management, I’ve been doing web development and marketing for people with vision. In addition to one-time contract projects, I have an ongoing role with the web design and marketing for Northwords and a humanitarian run company that’s working to end the cycle of poverty in remote areas in India. I’m also working on my own projects – writing a book and speaking up for kids like the deaf and disabled children I worked with in South India.

After we finished our chai and snacks and conversation, he told me to send him info about the books I had recommended. So, here they are, Patrick Tugwell! And anyone else who wants to share their vision, their story, and make an impact, I hope you enjoy them too.



by Andy Stanley

This is a fantastic book for clarifying, pursuing, and sharing your vision.


The New Rules of Marketing and PR

by David Meerman Scott

I’m still reading this and loving it so far. It’s the most comprehensive, innovative, and actionable book on marketing and PR I’ve found yet.


You are the Message

by Roger Ailes

Rich with wisdom, theory, great stories, and practical tips, this is the best book I’ve read so far on speaking publicly or otherwise and embodying a message consistently.


4 Hour Workweek

by Tim Ferris

A cram-packed and innovative guide to entrepreneurship, marketing, and branding. Two of my favorite parts are the blurbs on how to achieve expert status in a month and how to look Fortune 500 in 45 minutes or less.


You Should Really Write a Book

by Regina Brooks and Brenda Lane Richardson

This is a book on writing, publishing, and marketing memoir which makes it a great resource for telling your story.



This is actually an app that offers 15 minute long abbreviated versions of over 2,000 nonfiction books in text and audio form. It has a free and premium version that includes lots of great books on entrepreneurship, business, marketing, and personal development.


I’m constantly finding and reading new books. So, I’m sure I’ll be adding more soon. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. I hope it helps. Let me know what you think and what I should add to this list!

Grace and peace,

Ashlie Ariel

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